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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 14, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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series and start your day with fox and friends each weekday morning. ord" with greta is next. this is a fox news alert. right now, ferguson, missouri is bracing for another night of protest over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager. you are looking at the streets where protesters are already gathering. right now they are gathering peacefully. last night there were riots in the streets. [gunfire] >> police using tear gas and smoke bombs. violence breaking out every night since last weekend when a police officer fatally shot 18-year-old michael brown. mike tobin live in ferguson with the very latest. mike? >> greta, you have a new commander of the crowd control out here today it. and he is really intending
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to come with a different approach, hoping to produce a different result. i want to show you his picture. that's him in the blue shirt. that's captain ron johnson with the missouri state highway patrol. if i can ask you a question real quick, you promised a different approach last night than what we have seen in nights leading up to, this correct? >> yeah. >> what's that approach? >> that's an approach right here that we are all in this together. and people are going to be able to voice their opinion and do it in a peaceful manner. >> you hope to not have large number of officers out here tonight. >> that's my hope and plan. >> if there is trouble, there is officers at the reddy. >> we will respond appropriately if we have to. i don't foresee that but we are going to respond with some conversation and the right approach here. okay? >> thank you, captain johnson. >> all right, greta. there you have it. basically an idea to come with a much gentler approach. captain johnson is from here. he eats at the restaurants here. this gentleman is right in
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front of you. you saw embrace him earlier as they walk along and march. >> they don't disperse. if they want to march, captain johnson says they can march all night long until get tired. you heard him say you have officers at the ready if there is trouble. want to diffuse the situation and avoid a repeat last night with the flash grenades and with the tear gas going. you you really saw a change in tone in the demonstrations, they were originally inspired by the shooting of this young black man, they were inflamed by the police handling of the crowds, greta? >> two quick questions. one is sort of the numbers like, are the crowds bigger than they were last night at about this time that's the first thing and i notice captain johnson commander johnson is not dressed in anything that looks like military fatigue so much. he looks he have not dressed with all the gear is that deliberate? >> >> that seems to be deliberate. not even a flak jacket underneath his shirt. just a simple state
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trooper's outfit. very close with the crowd. again, talking with them. embracing them. trying to keep everything as calms as possible. really trying to get this -- us against them mentality out of this crowd thus far. you still have a very spirited crowd. very angered by the images they have seen in the days leading up to this. you you see someone who looks like the people in this crowd. is he from this neighborhood working hard tomorrow brace them. working hard to diffuse the tension here. >> is there one demand that they want? what do they want? do they want to know the name of the police officer or is it that they want answers faster or they are just angry? what is sort of the general theme of the protest? >> well, they have had lists of demands that include releasing information about the identity of the officer. details about what happened on saturday when mike wall
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brown was shot. they want the makeup of the city police to make up the ethnic make up of the population. that is a part of the list of demands they have made. change as it goes along. one thing we have really seen was it first about the shooting of one black man it was evolved into a protest about the treatment of the crowd. >> does it feel hotter tonight or does it feel about like last night or feel calmer? >> >> we just got in today. i can tell you it's hot from my perspective. >> hope you are safe. thank you, mike. and don't get arrested. >> keep an eye on it. >> exactly unclear what happened in the scuffle a ended that michael brown's death. police and witnesses giving different accounts. >> ferguson police officer had an encounter with two individuals on the street. >> an encounter that no one denied. but what exactly did happen chief of the saint lewis county chief giving his
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version of the michael brown story. >> one of those individuals at the time came into the -- as the officer was exiting his police car, allegedly pushed the police officer back into the car where he physically assaulted the police officer. >> but tiffany mitchell, a witness, telling a very different story. >> as i was coming around the corner, i heard the tires squeaking on the truck. as i get closer is when i put through the window. the kid was pulling off and the kid was pulling in. >> mitchell says brown was trying to get out of the police car but chief saying just the opposite. >> it is our understanding at this point in the investigation that within the police car there was a struggle over the officer's officer. there was at least one shot fired in the car. >> mitchell saying this it didn't look like wrestling. the first gunshot came from the window. i out of the way because the shot just came after that. >> but it's what happened outside the car that killed michael brown, a fact
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witnesses and police seem to agree on. >> it was a physical altercation in the police car between the subject and the police officer at the time that ext eventually out into the street. and that is, in fact, where the shooting occurred. the fatal shooting occurred was in the street outside of the police car. >> michael brown shot and killed just feet away from the police car. >> the officer went -- came back out of the car. he committed his vehicle and there was a shooting that occurred where the officer, in fact, shot the subject. and the subject, they were fatal injuries. the entire scene from approximately the car door to the shoeing 35 feet. >> one witness saying what he saw. >> started screaming okay okay okay okay okay okay. the one just started
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shooting they doesn't say get on the ground. >> mitchell giving a similar story. >> the kid broke away and started running away from the cop. the cop followed him and kept shooting. and the kid's body jerked as if he was hit and after his body jerked. he turned around and puts his hands up and the cop continues to walk up on him and shoots him until he goes all the way down. >> benjamin crump picking up on the differences. >> the witnesses reject what the police said at the press out. they reject what the police authorities said at their press conference how this played out. so, they expect, which they demd and they will shot shut up. >> but for now investigators looking for the facts. >> >> they will do a complete
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impartial investigation of. this nothing will be left untouched. >> take a another look at this video of riot. spokesperson brian shellman saying officers tossed tear gas after protesters threw molotov cocktails at police. it is scary for the officers on the front lines of the protest. he says, quote: they hear gunshots going off and they don't know where they are coming from. and today, president obama speaking about it, demanding transparency in the investigation of the deadly police shooting of the missouri teen. >> when something like this happens, the local authorities, including the police have a responsibility to be open and transparent about how they are investigating that death and how they are protecting the people in their communities. now is the time for an open and transparent process to see that justice is done. >> yes, president obama calling for transparency. now, he ran on that transparency theme in 2008 saying he would have the most transparent administration but he has gotten hammered by many news organizations for having the least transparent administration and
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republicans point to the benghazi probe. so president obama just tell the ferguson authority to do as he says or not as he does or doesn't he think he has any transparency problem? joining us our political panel "the weekly standard" john mccormick "u.s. news and world report" jim gatory. i thought the president had the right tone and good to address all these issues but when he said transparency, demanding the transparency, i thought we need that from you too. >> we certainly haven't had that on a number of issues from the irs to benghazi. this really is a local issue. and national issue. i think the president, if he wanted to, he could have been a little more forceful in the way that he, you know, spoke today. he was sleepy. didn't look good. maybe he was partying last night. >> what else did he say? he is one of the greatest political speakers. he could have must tarred something a little more eloquent. there have been excesses. we have seen tear gas
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canisters shot at news fc @ peaceful protest there are allegations of gunshots, people have been beaten, a gas station was set on fire. you know, there is a serious issue here. he said that there is no excuse for either of those things. >> david, i actually disagree with john a little bit. last time we talked about what happened in cambridge, massachusetts not last time but a few years ago he said the police officer acted stupidly without hearing the facts. i thought he was trying to put a lid on a number of things and making statements that, you know, hopefully will get to the bottom of this. >> i agree. i think he was chastened about that experience weighing into a local police matter in massachusetts a few years ago where he got way involved and sort of took a side. here i think he took a more even keeled approach. you know, transparency is sort of an easy term that is thrown around in washington a lot. by congressman and politicians when they don't want to say anything, we want to have open and transparent. so i think he handled it general gearly and not
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wading to far into the process and sort of put it on the governor saying i trust jay nixon to handle this. >> the transparency thing makes me crazy. i think this has not been transparent and a lot of news organizations say this administration has not been transparent. when he says that immediately i grab that but, is this a national or local issue? >> nationally. the fact we are discussing it on this program. i was glad he came out and made very clear that government officials should not interfere. then he took no questions. >> like the transparency. you know what? you got that one. >> help those reporters. i wonder if james rosen feels like the department of justice has been helpful and cooperative. >> transparency and stuff about the journalist. >> yeah. all those press groups i feel they have been bumped out of white house events.
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the official barack and white house photographers can handle those events. i want to echo what john said. he looked and sounded exhausted. and we have seen president day after day. this was the first time i have seen him where it looked like his hair went gray overnight. i don't think he has been showing much enthusiasm for anything. he doesn't convey to me that he is excited about the job in the sense that he wants to sink his teeth into and solve these problems. he seems like he has had it. >> >> after the newtown and grifd shooting speaking powers to bring the country together. this is a time he could have came together. >> phoning it in. >> i would say that i would think that's a fair assessment. it's good that he wants transparency here. i think the biggest mistake is at the local level. i don't know why these cops didn't have cameras rolling. they have dash cams and they weren't rolling that could have solved a lot of questions. >> i don't know how i feel at least he came off
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about it that was good. but then he went from his vacation after not taking questions as jim points out from the press. then he goes right back to the golf course it is his vacation. >> look, i said this before on your program, if he had -- if he decided, you know, to change what he was doing, based on the daily crisis, he would be changing his schedule every day whether it be syria or benghazi or this. i think this is is a national story because of cable news. i don't think the president really has a lot to do with it frankly. can he set a tone about transparency but he learned on other issues. he doesn't know the details. he doesn't know everything that's going on. >> he can put the lid if there are racial issues here, can he help put the lid on it. >> he can say something broadly, but i think because he is the president, frankly because of his race, comments on racially charged issue even more
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controversial. >> does he want confront the issue or running from it? >> what could he have said today? >> i actually think he said it i think he came by and acknowledged the problem and he didn't take questions. and the transparency thing. i think that he came out and he acknowledged that there is a big problem here. >> in the last 24 hours, a lot of americans have watched on their television screens and seen place they never heard of in missouri and said what the heck is going on out there? over the past 10, 15, 20 years, we have seen militarization of the police in which instead of looking like the average officer on the beat, look like something out of star wars with this constant body armor and guys with sniper. >> it's happened in small towns. there are places up in new hampshire and vermont where the local police had tanks. i guess in case the maple syrup festival gets out of hand. this is a major libertarian issue burling up from the underground. national government no longer being something we can trust to have best
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interest. >> a lot of communities weary of the police long before this. >> i don't think the problem that they have bullet proof vehicles is a problem. the problem -- it's not a problem be that they have tear gas. it's the excessive use of these things. tear gas is not a military weapon. it's a right control device. that's the problem. excessive use of force. you know, shooting rubber bullets. shooting news canisters at a news crew. >> next debate right in congress, rand paul brought it up today. should these weapons that are old military weapons be sold to local police units? that's been going on since the department of homeland security. >> panel, thank you. last night ferguson police arresting two reporters. the "the washington post" wes lowerly and huffington post ryan reilly. they said they were doing their work when swat officers started of kicking everyone out of the fast food restaurant. recorded chaos on the cell phone. >> working on it. >> stop videotaping and let's grab our stuff and go. >> i have the right to videotape you, sir. >> let's go. >> you see me working.
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>> policâ6㧠-- please do not tell me not to go. please don't wave the gun at me. down to 45 seconds, let's go. >> let's go, let's go. don't have time to ask questions. >> can i move. >> you can move your car if your car is out here. >> it is. >> don't have time to answer or just being mean. >> i'm working. >> let's go. >> here is the door over here. >> let's go. >> i'm going. >> let's go. you can move. move. >> sir,. >> let's move. >> sir. >> let's move this way. here is the door. this way or this way. >> the "the washington post" wes lowery joins us on the phone. what were you being arrested'cf. for? have you figured that out. >> we were told that we were trespassing in a mcdonald's
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where we had purchased food. we had been spending hours, in fact today when i went back to mcdonald's most of the employees were saying we are so sorry for what happened to you. are you okay? >> had mcdonald's called the police or did the police just show up? >> my understanding -- i can't say that definitively because the manager was not in today. but our understanding is that the police just showed up. they showed up. they asked people to leave. not demanded but asked. if the riot was coming to mcdonald's that's where we would want to be being reporters. we are fine, officers. you are warning us things are going to get hot. we understand. if the protest is moving this way we want to stay. they didn't like that answer and so then they decided that they were evacuating the mcdonald's. it was no longer you should leave it's now you have to leave immediately. >> were you actually handcuffed? >> i was put in plastic
11:18 pm
restraints, plastic handcuffs, the kind that riot police officers use. >> what was it that prompted them to release you. >> we were sitting in a jail cell and fellow reporter from the "l.a. times" called the police chief and said what in the world is going on? the police chief said devote o god. and so he called in and got us out of the cell. they released us, gave us no information, no police reported. we asked repeatedly for the officers' names, for badge numbers. they refused to cooperate with us and gave us any information about who they were. ryan was slammed into a door. i was thrown up into a mountain sewed machine -- soda fountain machine. audacity to question police officers. >> i assume during the process you you told them you were journalists during the process where they were cuffing you? >> my credentials were hanging from my neck the entire time the reason it took so long i had multiple
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notebooks strewn across the table my computer was set up. we had had been using mcdonald's essentially as an office. >>0lbñ people who don't cover these stories. out in the field you make an office wherever someone will give you an outlet will you can charge your phone and laptop for hours we all do that mcdonalds have been nice to us. a lot of reporters in and out. a only place with wi-fi. they have been great to us. hard to believe mcdonald's wanted us out. they never said that to us. again, we were forcibly removed. the officer was obsessed that i didn't pack up my things fast enough which as can you see from the video from the moment i start walking backwards to the moment i begin walking back forward again it's less than a minute. i'm talking four or five notebooks, a computer plugged in and i'm doing it with one hand because there is a swat officer with an
11:20 pm
assault weapon who was gesturing it at me. i thought i ought to record that. >> wes you have been the reporter, the national reporter there the longest. tell me in comparing tonight with like last night, does it look like there is going to be more trouble tonight or does the lid seem to be on it? give me a compare and contrast. >> greta. i have got to tell you, things could not be more different this is a different city tonight. monday night during the tear gas and rubber bullets i was worried for my life. right now it's an extremely peaceful protest. we have the superintendent of the state police out marching, the highway patrol is marching with the protesters. he is the man who grew up here. people are are walking up to him and hugging him. the person with the bull horn leading the march said respect the police because they respect us. the tone is night and day right now. >> wes, thank you. glad you are out of custody.
11:21 pm
thank you, wes. >> i am too, thanks, greta. >> we're going to stay on top of the scene there in missouri. trordz will be right back. these pajamas are really a hug.
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11:25 pm
tonight willing to give up power to the prime minister designate and he has been asked to form a new government by iraq president. he will certainly have his hands full. now president obama claimed today the siege on mount sinjar is broken. thousand ethnic minority on that mountain. ten its of thousands are in the camps. region wide here the numbers, greta, are mind boggling. 1.5 million refugees all thanks to the brutal tactics that the isis militants. here in the city alone there are several hundred thousands. those militants are active on many fronts as we found out today in the town about 30 miles away from where we are right now. up until five days ago, isis was in charge there kurdish isis convoy. still most of the residents
11:26 pm
fled and we found out today most of them haven't come back in great part because the militants are still nearby. while we were there, a convoy was hit by isis ied explosive. four shoulders were injured. typical changing tactics of the fighters, i am told, to more guerrilla style warfare. we talked to the commander of the region there. he told us he wants more air strikes. he wants more weapons. centcom late today says, in fact, they struck out at two different isis positions. not far from where we are. president obama is promising more weapons. small comfort for some folks that really are busy on a lot of fronts. back to you. >> greg, thank you. and despite all the talk of hugging it out earlier this week, we saw former secretary of state hillary clinton slamming president obama. but will distancing herself from the president work? and meanwhile her husband bill has a dinner party at their house. who is there? karl rove is here coming up. [ man ] cortana, when my wife calls
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this exphearnd and chief has no strategy or vision. iraq and syria combined reap direct threat to our homeland. [chanting] >> air strikes are not a strategy. if you are going to take these guys on you are seeing
11:31 pm
on the screen right now, you are going to have to target their command, control and communications. you can't just let them exist. >> when the united states of america withdraws from leadership from the world, it creates a vacuum and bad things happen. >> mr. president, if you don't adjust your$ihpñ strategy, these people are coming here. >> and senator lindsey graham joins us. good evening, sir. >> thank you. >> today the president spoke from martha's vineyard, he said in essence the siege is broken and he said the situation on the mount is greatly improved. americans should be very proud of our efforts. he said continued to make progress. he seems to be saying this is a huge success. you say that the president has no strategy, no vision. >> well, one, i'm proud of the efforts of our airmen and military, the special forces guys. they help the people on the mountain. i'm glad that iraq has got a new prime minister. that will be a great help. but i'm disappointed in the commander and chief for not
11:32 pm
addressing the threat that isil presents to the united states. not leveling with the american people that the threat we face is not just in iraq and syria but these people intend to attack us here at home and he has no strategy to deal with that that's what the intelligence community is telling me and every other member of congress that these people intend to hit us here. >> here's what i don't get is that even if we handle this humanitarian crisis in iraq now, and even -- with maliki there. and unless isis is beaten back. isis has so far shown an indication to grow and get more violent. and i'm trying to figure out like, i guess he doesn't have -- he doesn't appear to have a strategy about what to do about isis but what would do you? >> well, i think the reason he won't address the dilemma of what i'm saying is because it would admit that his policies have failed. what would i do? i would hit them in their command and control centers in syria. oliver north is right to. defeat these guys, there is
11:33 pm
no force within the middle east that has the capability to defeat or contain isis without american air power. you can do anything you want in iraq if you don't address their bases in syria where they have command and control and logistical support, you are only going to -- you are not going to solve the problem, so, what i would do is hit them in syria with air power, diminish their capability to attack our homeland. i would arm the kurds. i would try to rally the iraqi army what's left of it in the south and create two fronts for isis, one from the north with the kurds, one from the south with the iraqi army. i would hit them hard in syria. i would try to arm what's left of the syrian free army to go after them with inside of syria. they represent a threat to our homeland to. any politician in america who disagrees with that, please come on this show and tell people where i'm wrong. >> do you have any information -- i realize we are all suspicious of all these terrorists groups
11:34 pm
because we have been hit on 9/11. we know we have been hit before. are there any direct threats, intelligence or anything that sort of makes you that we should be more concerned tonight? >> yes. okay. this is not the only group we should be concerned about, but, yes. they have more territory now, isil does. they have more money, they have more equipment. they have more capability. they are the hottest act in the jihadist world. they are getting stronger by the day. name one thing they promise to do they haven't done. when they capture a city, they tell you exactly what they're going to do and they do it. they have also put on the list of things to do to attack us. the head of the fbi, the director of national intelligence, the director of homeland security, the attorney general have all said that the safe haven in syria now iraq owned by isis, isil, whatever you want to call them is, a direct threat to the homeland, hundreds of americans and thousands of europeans jihadists are
11:35 pm
there on the ground. i fear that they are going to come back, using american passports or european passports, accept the training and come back and hit us and the president is doing nothing to defeat or contain isis. this is not a humanitarian crisis we face. this is not an internal problem for iraq. this is a threat to our homeland and this president is ignoring what ibrq- think is strong intelligence that would justify him to act. and he is not going to be able to say down the road nobody ever told me that they were a threat to the homeland like is he trying to change his story about iraq leaving troops behind. >> senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. and together on martha's vineyard but day's before secretary of state hillary clinton slamming president obama's foreign policy. is distancing herself from the president a good idea or even possible? karl rove joins us. good evening, karl. >> good evening, greta. >> it appears he is trying to put some distance rile?
11:36 pm
>> absolutely shoe. she gave an interview to jeffrey goldberg of the atlantic. in it she said she was in favor of arming the syrian moderates and that obama's failure to do so left a vacuum that was filled by isis. she also said she would be tougher on the iranian nuclear program and a stronger supporter of israel. and then probably worse of all she took on the fundamental core of his foreign policy. you may remember when he went to asia in june, he talked about how his philosophy of foreign policy was built around the theory of don't do stupid stuff. now, i'm using the polite word for what he used. she said great nations need organizing principles and don't do stupid stuff ♪ an organizing principle. >> how does that possibly help her with the base? he still has the base. and the base is very -- it certainly doesn't want to go back into iraq and certainly is not as aggressive militarily as she is. she is much more hawkish. so how does this possibly help her by putting distance with president obama even
11:37 pm
though his numbers are going down, she still needs that base. >> look, there is a question of proprietor and timing. when we get into a presidential campaign, like we will in late 2015 and 2016, people expect candidates to sort of distance themselves to draw, to sort of say here is who i am and i'm different from the previous administration i might have served. in this happened with president george h.w. bush in 1988. it happened with al gore in 2000. it happened with hubert humphrey in 1968. i think she is pookd by how bad president obama is being seen on foreign affairs and how badly his foreign policy is playing out. i think she has made the decision it ain't going to get better. it's only going to get worse. as a result she is starting to do it now. she is not going to placate the opponents and critics of the president wants foreign policy and at the same time she runs the risk of alienating some of his core supporters. >> i thought interesting article that came out of the "the washington post" this
11:38 pm
afternoon they said on august ath president bill clinton had a dinner at the house here in washington and invited was new secretary of hud castro hispanic cabinet member from san antonio. i thought that was an interesting invitation. >> well, yeah. is he desperate to be considered for vice president in 2016. he maybe mayor of san antonio. his brother is in the u.s. house. and he just has been sworn in as housing secretary. but he has already got higher aspirations. these are twin brothers, both highly ambitious, well educate woulded and well spoken. one is already talking about the congressional castro is talking about running for statewide office perhaps for the u.s. senate in 2016 and his brother is clearly got his eye on the vice presidency. >> i actually looked at it it a different way. i thought it was former president bill trying to make sure he gets hispanic vote. was himt it hustling. >> there is a mutual hustle
11:39 pm
here. there is an advantage to crass astro. it keeps his name in the mix it also consult investigates a friendship with clinton. and it gist bill clinton a chance to sort of say hillary is going to be open to this, and there -- it's -- they are both scratching each other's back and having a nice dinnerrer together. >> never dull. got to love washington. anyway, karl, thank you. >> you bet, greta, thank you. >> and straight ahead. two amish children kidnapped and police are facing unusual obstacles in their search. developing right now, new protests in ferguson, missouri. "on the record" will
11:40 pm
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this is a fox news alert. right now hundreds of protesters taking to the streets of ferguson, missouri. let's go back to fox news correspondent mike tobin, mike? >> watching so far tonight, greta. i really couldn't call this a tense atmosphere, watching night fall. what we see a lot is people who have been marching
11:44 pm
around. a lot of honking of horns of cars. people showing their signs a lot of hands up. and that hands up don't shoot gesture which has become the gesture of this demonstration. one guy riding by on a horse on a mike brown t shirt. that seems to be the technique. what you don't see is a lot of police that seems to be the technique that ron johnson, the new commander of this operation from missouri state highway patrol that he wants to use. get the police out of the way. get the -- eliminate the friction with the common stration strarts and therefore you won't have the clash that we have seen thus far every night. that's his thinking. he made that very clear. but he doesn't want them to be present at this location to create more tension. we did see a little bit of tension. and that's when some the county and the local police cruisers were blocking the traffic people chanted stop blocking the traffic. stop blocking the traffic. police cruisers left. the tension went away.
11:45 pm
you hear the chant right now that's again become the signature out here, hands up, don't shoot. they stop about that quickly. got some people out in the middle of the street with their faces masked by bandannas there. that was part of the complaint before. when a young man was shot the other night faced were masked and brandishing a weapon. some people have said they don't want stand in the middle of the road because it could bring about an excuse, they say for the police to come up here. by and large, a lot of horn honking, people marching around. you see the new commander out here is attempting to avoid the friction. thus far we don't see it, greta. >> mike, thank you. and people across the country staging marches, live at new york city where protesters are marching through union square. we're going to keep watching these. and straight ahead two amish girls kidnapped. circumstances very strange. police sending out amber alert.
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if we can't offer faster speeds - or save you money - we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. amish girls 6 and 12 kidnapped. snatched from roadside stand it happened in northern new york. all out search is on. david hodges joins us with the latest. david, what happened? >> hey, greta. we are just a mile from where these girls were last reported seen. we are at the command center right here. we are just a mile south from here. what we are told is that a witness saw the two girls going to their farm stand where they sell things like veggies and honey to help out a customer. that witness told police they saw that person they were supposedly helping throw something in the back of a car, take off, and the next thing the witness noticed was that the girls were no longer there. so quickly thereafter they contacted police and 24 hours later we're seeing a massive search scene. like i said we are here at the fire department close to where these girls were last
11:51 pm
seen. about 200 law enforcement personnel have helped out in the search so far. spanning all across saint lawrence county bud also contacting border crossing guards as well as other counties. now, what we know about the girls at this point is that there are no pictures of them in accordance with amish tradition. we do have one sketch of the 12-year-old fanny miller. this is what he she looks like. even though you see her hair look short there in that sketch, we are told that it's actually about waist length. we he don't have a sketch of the 6-year-old delilah miller police have told us she has a round scar on her forehead and is also missing two front teeth. so it does present a different challenge for police that they don't have any pictures to help locate these girls but they say that the sketch that was provided to them by the family is a huge help. and even though things are starting to get dark here and even rain ago little bit, they are about to stage another search with night
11:52 pm
vision goggles. that will help them try to locate heat sources, heat signatures so even though they are really just ramping up and getting things going a little bit more intensely now. >> all right. it's so hard when they don't have pictures. makes it very difficult to figure out if you see the little girls. how were they dressed? were they dressed in traditional amish clothing because that may help a little bit if anyone sees them. >> traditional amish clothing they said about a dark colored bonnet and then also a blue dress. both those girls were dressed in the same thing. they believe that can help as well. of course, we have -- there are descriptions out there, so we are hoping that that can help them locate as well. the one other key focus here is a four door white sedan that was seen in the area. we don't know a make or model or license plate. but that is the vehicle of interest that police are looking for. and as you just past me right now the horse and buggy. amish are very big in this community. they are part of the community and working really
11:53 pm
hard to locate these two missing girls, greta. >> david, thank you very much. remind the viewers if you know these two little girls or seen anything call 911. two little girls missing 6 and 12. new information about will be bin williams just released by his wife. don't forget to watch sean hannity tonight at 10:00 huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know the great wall of china wasn't always so great? hmmm...what should we do? geico. fifteen mites could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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tonight new information about actor robin williams. park san disease. susan schneider saying robin's sobriety was intacked and brave. he struggled with his own battles of depression and anxiety early stages of parkinson's disease which he was not ready to share publicly it is our hope in the wake of robin's tragic passing they will share the strength they need to face whatever battles they are facing so they may feel less afraid.
11:58 pm
nascar champion tony stuart announcing he will not race this sunday at the michigan international speedway. stuart skipping a second straight race since running over and killing a driver. he killed kevin ward jr. during a dirt track race in new york. >> let's go off-the-record for a minute. i have something special for you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. it's a live special on a very important topic. the persecution of christians around the world. the persecution of just one christian or even a non-christian is actually deplorable but not just one we are talking about. it's thousands and thousands and the numbers are growing. it's staggering. christians are also held in prisons all over the world just for their beliefs, north carolina, iran, iraq. hard to put in words how widespread and bad this persecution is. so desperate, frightened, cold hungry and fleeing in terror because of the cruelty of those who just don't like their faith.
11:59 pm
why am i pushing this so hard? because i have seen it with my own eyes. seven months ago i was in iraq where fleeing assad. since then isis the most vicious terror group has moved in, murdering christians who don't convert to islam. you have heard about the beheadings, thursday this persecution must stop. we need to get the world to pay attention and help. if you can't be home to watch this special tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. live. right now dvr on the record at 7:00 p.m. so you can watch it tell your friends to do the same. the only way we can begin to stop this growing atrocity is to speak out and to speak out you have to know about it. we all have to help. police get others to watch, too. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us tonight. right now don't forget to set that dvr for 7:00 p.m. so you don't miss a thing. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c. and we'll see you on we have so much going on there. we have open threads. you want to hear what all of have you to say about a lot of topics. most important, tomorrow night, a live special.
12:00 am
we have been working on it all week. i hope you like it. it's going to be live. anyway, good night from washington. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye", down on their luck tortoises, resorting to a life of crime. we will investigate why these reptiles resorted to reptiles to make ends meet. >> it is brand new and gigantic. gigantic. that is an incredible gift. >> and the mermaid debate reaches a boiling point. do they belong in the wild or kept in captivity. which one of the went ballistic over this hot button issue? stay tuned and find out. >> now let's welcome our guests. testosterone th


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